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Friday, April 29, 2005

Me And You And Everyone We Know

And now for the good news...

Finally saw my first "excellent" film of the festival. As I mentioned before, I originally rated The Holy Girl "very good," but afterward felt I could have given it an "excellent." But Miranda July's debut, Me And You And Everyone We Know, felt like an "excellent" right from the beginning and didn't disappoint for the duration.

Ostensibly about shoe saleman Richard Swersey (John Hawkes) trying to get his life back together after his recent separation from his wife. Opening sequence of his moving out sets the quirky tone that is both dark and laugh out loud funny. Richard meets performance artist Christine Jesperson (July) and the two begin an awkward and quirky (there's that word again) relationship.

The plot, though interesting, is not the strongest point of Me and You. The characters are so compelling, that one cannot help sympathize with them.

Miranda July was present at the screening I attended and wooed the crowd with her quirky charm. She said Me and You is scheduled for limited theatrical release in July.

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  • I love Miranda July! She spoke at Bryn Mawr a few years back. Here's her website:

    By Blogger Arleen, at 9:59 PM  

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