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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Take a Deep Breath

Saturday was by far the worst day of the festival for me. I saw more movies (3) on that day than any other, and the best of the lot, Dragan Marinkovic's Take a Deep Breath, was only average. The film is about a dysfunctional Serbian family of three, Mom (Mira Furlan), Dad (Bogdan Diklic), and daughter Sasa (Ana Franic). As the film opens, Sasa is about to run off with her boyfriend, Stefan (Branislav Tomasevic). When they run off, they get into a car wreck which leaves Sasa unscathed, but lands Stefan in the hospital for a lengthy stay. At the hospital, Sasa meets Stefan's sister, Lana (Jelena Djokic) and the two develop and intimate relationship. Meanwhile, Mom's having her own affair and Dad's trying to fix Sasa up with his young assistant.

What keeps the film afloat is the soap opera-like plot and it's occasional humor. But overall, Take A Deep Breath is rather slight, all the plot turns don't really add up to much.

The best part of the screening was that the director was there and fielded questions. He would not specifically talk about how the film was received in Serbia but did talk about how controversial having lesbian characters is.

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