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Monday, April 25, 2005

Woman Is The Future of Man

For all my alleged film knowledge, I somehow missed the detail that Hong Sang-soo also directed Turning Gate, which I saw at last year's festival and didn't like much at all. I picked Woman based on a vague recollection of having read a good review in Variety.

Turning Gate had mildly interesting characters who sat around talking. Woman Is the Future of Man has not-so mildly annoying characters sitting around talking. Neither film is visually interesting. Most of Woman is medium shots of said annoying people sitting around talking.

Slow moving tale of two old friends who visit a woman with who both have a past raises a lot of questions as to why this woman ever took any interest in either of these men. Side trip of one of the men who visits with some of his students unnecessarily pads a film that feel long at 88 minutes.


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