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Friday, June 10, 2005

Lucky Brits

Reading June's Sight and Sound and came across an ad for a new boxed set: Laid Bare with all 4 of Lukas Moodysson's films: Show Me Love, Together, Lilya 4-Ever, and A Hole in My Heart.

We're luck enough to have Show Me Love and Together in our collection, but neither Lilya 4-Ever nor A Hole in My Heart have been released in the U.S. I was lucky enough to have seen Lilya at last year's Philly Film Festival. Well, lucky may not be the right word. Lilya is a hell of a movie, but it's a tough watch because of how disturbing and depressing it is. Hole is supposed to be even moreso, but I wouldn't know since it wasn't released here.

Lilya is especially difficult after seeing Show Me Love and Together which are much more upbeat, especially Together which is quite funny (which is why I refer to him has Lukas Moodswingysson, at least in my head). Show Me Love is kind of like thirteen, but good.


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